Manned Security Guarding – Price Or Service?

Manned Security Guarding – Price Or Service?

You probably realized that many offices and shops are employing security officers these days. These security officers generally sit somewhere near the house, either at the desk, monitor CCTV or perhaps at the front door.

It is now a second nature for me to examine what security there is when I visit someone, having worked in security for almost my entire life. This usually means that the security officers work just have a look at the way they operate.


If you are likely to use security services, you definitely have something special to do. I’ve visited a well-known supermarket recently, which I’ve been in my local area many times. They’re using a security officer, I understand. There was no safety at the entrance – nothing so bad. I couldn’t see security anywhere by looking quickly around. But I could see who I believed was a newspaper traffic guard who was thumbing. However, I noticed a small badge on her hat, which said security, after closer inspection. When I left the supermarket, she looked completely disinterested in what was happening at home. In a world of its own, she looked.

I know that this specific store uses security rather than catching shop owners, but that you have to keep an alert and proactive security officer to work with. It may have the opposite effect, making it easier to work with a security official completely disinterested in what he/she is doing.


Security in this shop was arranged by the headquarters, who may not have been in the shop. The store manager won’t have a say and will just have to deal with anyone he’s sent.


Protection officials remain ambassadors for the company in which they work. You could ask for their suggestions on how to improve safety and if the security officer doesn’t know who can?


A recognized company is the security company that owns this contract. Today, the problem is more important than supplying safety officials who are really interested in what they are doing, to ensure the contract is secured and also to protect the important thing. The bottom line is generally protected at the customer’s price. Just because someone has a SIA license, they don’t know anything about safety.


Security can be misunderstood sometimes, however. You have proactive security officials, but you don’t really know how to deploy them correctly.


Take my last cinema trip. It was a large 15-screen cinema with a bar and several male security officials. One officer stood on a table inside the door at home to the cinema and looked into female bags when they came. The first question was that there were 2 different ways to get to the building, so that if you had planned to take a lift from the car park! There were no signs on how to inform people that a bag search might govern them. It was great that security was practical, but a person who understood how security worked needed a little guidance.


Once I heard someone say,’I’ll just go work in security, if I can’t get a job. It is the person who works for a large safety company for the minimum wage, which is published in customer locations that should take care of their best interests.

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The way in which safety agreements have been obtained has changed over the years. Customers are much more likely than someone who knows what they need to talk about their security requirements with a salesman. A key account manager responsible for securing brand new contracts will start at a wage of £42,000, while the person you actually need to look after your business could be £5.75 per hour working.


It’s not just a matter of delivery’


Obviously, the massive security companies have a place, but it can often be safer to deal with smaller professional security undertakings who, as a general rule, can provide services similar to those of larger undertakings, but are kept on working rather than profit.

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